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"To promote the integrity of patient care and public health and to enhance the professional interests of physicians in Broward County”

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BCMA Leadership

Dr. Abram 'Abby' Berens, MD

General Medicine and Dermatology

It is a great honor and privilege to be named President of an organization that is committed to helping the medical profession and the patients we serve.

Challenging times remain for the health care system and as President, I pledge to serve as a strong voice and dedicated advocate for patients and physicians on the pressing health care issues confronting our county and nation.

I am excited to embrace this opportunity to help advance the BCMA’s work to shape the future of medicine and improve patient care.

I am driven to support the mission of the Broward County Medical Association by focusing on (the future of medicine).

Colleagues and friends, we find ourselves in an unusually complex and difficult healthcare environment. All physicians are faced with ethical and clinical challenges, protecting our profession, and assuring quality care for patients. If this were not enough, it is even more difficult due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

It is in times like these that our fellow physicians and our patients need our leadership more than ever. We need strong physician organizations at every level.

We need strong leaders. But more than that, we each must be committed to the team. To serve humanity by endeavoring to achieve the highest standards in Medical Education, Medical Science, Medical Art, and Medical Ethics.

Let me briefly touch on a few issues that I believe are the most important for the BMCA.

COVID-19, World War Health. Who could have imagined a pandemic of this magnitude that would not only threaten the health of our patients but place our physicians and nurses in danger and cripple our economy?

However, that is what we are facing, and that is what me must address. We must continue to advocate for safe vaccines and treatment, adequate supplies of personal protective equipment, appropriate facilities and medical equipment and adequate support staff.

We must work with public health officials to pursue policies that reduce the frequency and severity of disease while at the same time allow for an orderly and safe conduct of business and education. This may be one of our most difficult challenges, because medical ethics rest squarely on our shoulders. We cannot delegate it or relegate it to others.The ultimate decision on what our profession stands for is ours alone to make.

One final area that needs our continued attention is our primary role as physicians as the ultimate decision makers in delivering high-quality, medical care for all.

I look forward to working on your behalf during my term as president. Our leadership will never give up in efforts to advance our policies and achieve our common goals.

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