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Our Mission:

"To promote the integrity of patient care and public health and to enhance the professional interests of physicians in Broward County”

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Physician Wellness Program

Many county medical associations are developing a physician wellness program to help physicians have a safe harbor to address normal life difficulties in a confidential and professional environment.  Broward County Medical Association is also starting their own program.  Being a physician is not easy. Difficulties with the current health care delivery system, maintaining a healthy/work balance dealing with the everyday stressed of life can take a toll on physicians.

Physicians serve not only as physicians but many times as counselors to their patients.  When physicians, have problems whom  do they turn to when they need guidance. Who do they have to talk through an issue or have some coaching to handle stress in their life? Too often the answer is no one.

This program will provide help to physicians to function to their best in all areas of their life by addressing areas of difficulty, decreasing levels of stress levels and increasing levels of resilience.

How the program will work

We will contract with independent psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists to provide counseling to physicians. They will provide up to 4 confidential sessions in a calendar year. Confidential files for each physician will kept by the providers but no insurance will be billed. The BCMA will not give any information about those who utilize the program.  The program will be completely confidential which is crucial to its success. The BCMA will pay a monthly bill based on the number of sessions provided.

  • We plan to have the vetted providers listed on the website and the physicians will call the provider of their choice.
  • In the future we are planning having some seminars on physician burnout and coping strategies to deal with stress.
  • At this point our program is still in the planning stages and we are soliciting donations from medical staffs to get the program off the ground.

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