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BCMA Mission

The Broward County Medical Association (BCMA) has a long history dating back to 1926 with a defined mission to promoter and preserve the highest standards of medical care and foster the ethical principles of the medical profession. The BCMA has a positive impact on the lives of the citizens of Broward County in a number of ways. The BCMA maintains a referral service for residents of the county, and is involved in a number of community organizations. The BCMA, through its many committees and volunteer organizations, continues to serve the profession and the citizens of Broward County. We are indeed proud that Broawrd County has a health system second to none in the United States.

The BCMA is proud of its members' continued efforts to ensure high quality and cost-effective medicine for the citizens of Broward County. It is proud of its physicians who volunteer every week at the BCMA's Clinic for the Homeless at The Salvation Army, throughout the year with the school system and who volunteer in many other programs.

Patient Referral Service

The physicians who are "members" of the BCMA have undergone a quality credentials verification process in compliance with national standards. BCMA is a voluntary organization. Some of the doctors are not members of the BCMA. Many choose not to get involved for various reasons. Although many non-members are good doctors, you can be assured those who are members have been thoroughly credentialed.

The BCMA receives numerous telephone calls from individuals seeking services of physicians. Many patients today must select a physician from a book or list and are not familiar with the names. Information about a physician's education, specialty training, certification and other items are available by calling BCMA. The BCMA staff will take the time to listen to the patient and can refer BCMA members in all specialties and geographic areas.

Speakers Bureau

Without question, some of the most pressing concerns people have today have to do with their health: how they can take better care of themselves, who they should see for professional help and when, and how to decipher many of the new technical, experimental and socio-economic trends in medicine. Much of that information is available through books, the media and the Internet, but who is better qualified to discuss medicine and health care than physicians? That is why physicians of the BCMA have a "Speakers Bureau" of experts who will visit your cub or organization to address your concerns and interests. If you are interested in having a physician speak to your group,please call the BCMA Office at 954-714-9477.